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Watches trending in Pakistan – 2019 (For Men)

2019 Is All About Vintage Watches Trending In Pakistan

The trend of wearing vintage watches in Pakistan is massively growing. Vintage Watches trend in Pakistan in 2019 is something that you should be looking out for this summer.  No outfit is complete without a chic wristwatch. It is always in the little details of attire which makes you look smart. So whether you are going out with your best jeans pent on or with some formal dressing. A watch is the most important accessory to wear with the outfit. Especially for men a classy wristwatch is something really important to invest in. The trend of chic and classy vintage watches is making a comeback in 2019. This article will surely help you find out about the vintages watches trending in Pakistan 2019. Following are some prominently trending watches in Pakistan in 2019.

Omega Speedmaster

Omega speedmaster also known by the name “moonwatch” is one of the most popular watches. The speedmaster’s evergreen and balanced aesthetic makes it highly comfortable and a reliable product. With the passage of time the speedmaster watch evolved from a tool watch to luxury timepiece. While there are a huge variety of iconic pieces from all the major brands, it still remains one of the most affordable watches. Its one of the most trending watch in Pakistan in 2019.

Omega Speedmaster Trending Vintage watch in Pakistan
Omega Speedmaster

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Rolex Submariners

The most famous Rolex submariners include reference 6538. The oversized crowns without crown guards helps distinguish it from myriad of the other submariners references. This gives the watch a vintage look and feel. The small red triangle placed at the zero marker on the bezel insert give the watch a hint of bright color. It is one of the Rolex’s widely recognizable lines of watches. It was introduced in 1954 exclusively for scuba divers. Being a cornerstone in a world of luxury watches it is now becoming a popular target for the new buyers. This watch is on a high trend in Pakistan in 2019.

Rolex Submariner Ref. 6538
Rolex Submariner Ref. 6538

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Carrera heuer

This watch was named after Carrera Panamericana car rally held in Mexico from 1950 -1954. This watch is famous for its attractive dial design. The dial flange is ascended at a 45-degree angle from the dial’s periphery. This watch do not have additional scales such as telemeter that is why this watch has a pure tidy look.

Carrera Heuer Trending Vintage watch in Pakistan
Carrera Heuer

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Bulova 23

The bulova 23 series was introduced in 1950s and it is named for its 23 jewel, self-winding movement. It became massively popular. This introduced an idea of a mechanical wrist alarm which was adopted by many other brands later. Boluva 23 series watches were famous for their unbreakable mainspring, shock resistant and water proof cases.

Boluva 23 - Trending Vintage watch in Pakistan
Boluva 23

Panerai prototype(1936)

Panerai was first developed as a prototype of a watch but now it is known as “Radiomir”. The watches include in this series are water resistant to 30 meters. The early models of the series have movements and proprietary cases – cushion shaped and 47mm in diameter. They were made by Rolex and named for radium that makes their dials legible even in murky water.

Panerai prototype(1936)
Panerai prototype(1936)

IWC Big Pilot’s Watch

This watch was made by IWC for the German Air Force in 1940.  This watch has a 55mm diameter. it has military triangle flanked by two dots at 12 o’clock, a sans serif typeface for the numerals. The current IWC pilot’s watches still have all these features.

IWC Big Pilot's Watch
IWC Big Pilot’s Watch

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