Worst outfits at hum style awards

7 Worst Outfits from Hum Style Awards 2019

Award show is a kind of event where celebrities like to be more experimental with their styles. But this year it seems like nobody is wining the best dress title. Some went over bored with the outfit and some opted for the same old boring style. Many celebrities went for white colour but did not do the justice with the whole look. We have deduced the long list to 7 Worst outfits from Hum Style Awards 2019. since it is hard to cover every celebrity so we are presenting this exclusive list of some worst dressed celebrities. Our article will cover the 7 worst outfits from hum awards 2019. Unfortunately this year no celebrity topped the chart.

worst outfit
  • Iqra Aziz

The famous Ranjha Ranjha actress iqra aziz tops the chart of 7 Worst outfits from hum style awards 2019. The dress started what we thought as a gown but had a terrible ending. The cut after the yolk more seemed like lehnga than a gown. The choice of colour made the entire look even more terrible. The embellishment on the outfit seemed out of proportion. Nomi Ansari literally did not give the entire look a single thought . It seemed like designer just designed it  two days before the event.

Iqra Aziz's worst outfit
  • Hania Amir

A saree can be worn aesthetically on any event. It is the most traditional yet a versatile attire to opt for an event. You can never go wrong with a saree. But this year Hania Amir just ripped the whole saree look . the frill at the boarders was quite unnecessary. The fabric looked rather old fashioned and the pallu was also short. A saree looks graceful only when it is rapped correctly. So overall it was a very boring look.

Hania Amir's worst outfit
  • Sanam Jung

We are thinking the same thing that you guys are thinking that what Sanam Jung had in her mind while she decided to wear this weirdly designed gown. It looks like she just randomly selected her look. The other look was a bit bearable but we cant digest this blue gown as it is not going with her body shape.

Sanam Jung's worst outfit
  • Ayesha Omer

Ayesha omer always chooses what suits her best. She has a good taste while selection her looks but this year she disappointed the people big time. The ruffled dress failed to impress the viewers. The makeup was good though but the dress clearly ruined the entire look. The other dress she opted was a thigh high white dress which seemed quite boring and poorly designed.

Ayesha Omer's worst outfit
  • Mawra  Hocane

Mawra Hocane doest not wear bad clothes usually but we are not sure what happened this time. The hairstyle seemed a bit outdated. The choice of clothes reminded us of famous lime green Sabyasachi lehnga which Alia Bhatt wore at an event. The look was boring since it was created again or should we say copied. The horrendous moon clutch further added to the disastrous look.

Mawra Hocane's worst outfit
  • Reema Khan

Reema opted for a traditional white frock. The pleats at the bottom of the yolk is adding bulk to the area hence making her look fat. Something nice could be done with the hair also. The entire look gave a very boring vibe. The choice of clutch bag was also bad. Better luck next time Reema.

Reema Khan's worst outfit
  • Kinza Hashmi

Kinza Hashmi chose to wear this pink gown which seemed a replica of Elie Saab’gown. The ruffles at the back were quite unnecessary. The dress seems a bit ill stitched. Over all it failed to impress since it looked more like a copy of a famous designer Elie Saab.

Kinza Hashmi's worst outfit

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